Many of the robberies, trespassing, vandalism happens during the night time because it is dark and quiet which minimizes the chances of being caught. Mk9 provide you and your property complete protection and security round the clock.

MK9’s officers are specifically trained for the night watch security to the very highest level. They are experienced enough to deal with any situation so you don’t have to worry about anything. Offering Alarm Response and Key holding service, you can put all your trust in our officers to make sure that your premises are safe and secure. In case of any attempted break-in we are equipped to tackle the situation so you don’t have to. We will also report to police or other emergency service if required, leaving you informed yet relaxed by such an event.

To make sure that our night watch guards are not being sluggish or asleep during the night time, our supervising patrol team is on the watch to make sure that guards are doing their job properly.

Leaving your property unattended specially during the night puts you in a greater risk. It is always better to have a security officer. If you are interested in hiring a night watch security officer, MK9 will be obliged to have you on our client list.

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