Static Security Guards

Static Security Guards and officers

Static security guards are the most demanded service because no matter what type of business or event you are running. Whether you are situated in a busy shopping centre or industrial area, your business is vulnerable to crime such as break-in, vandalism, shoplifting and there is nothing you can do unless you hire unbeatable static security guards and officers.

MK9 is the solution to your many problems. We have a dedicated team of static security guards and officers who are trained to the highest level, equipped to handle any alarming situation. These static guards are fully SIA licensed and are available round the clock. Our static officers are covers warehouses, gatehouses, factory sites that needs complete protection. Whether it is the corporate building or access point to construction site, we guarantee to keep your site secure all the time. Our Static security guards are efficient, response to close calls without wasting any time and arrives as soon as possible. We also invest our time and resources to train our guards with skills required in corporate sites such as interpersonal, communication and customer service skills.

MK9 ensure the safety and protection of all the sites and we do this by being aware, alert and prepared all the time. we are available round the clock. If you happen to require Static security guards and officers for your business, site or hotels, call us now and we will give our best according to your need.

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